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All you should know about radiant heating What is Radiant Heating?

Posted on 07 September 2018 by admin (0)

Most homeowners don’t give so much thought to the different ways in which heat is usually generated and utilized as majority of us take it for granted whenever we turn up the thermostat in our home.

Nevertheless, the way in which the heat in our home is produced and then distributed usually has a huge impact on us, our family and friends in terms of costs of comfort and utility.

Radiant heat is everywhere around us. Whenever we feel the warmth that comes from the sun or the heat that is being emitted from a campfire; that is what we refer to as radiant heat. Radiant heat is the type of heat that is emitted from just one source.

You can pick up your phone and call up a technician who will have to pay you a visit in your home to explain the various ways in which radiant heat system can be of benefit, it doesn’t end at that; they will also suggest the ways in which you can improve energy efficiency in your home.

There was a particular time when radiant heating systems were the conventional heating system, however these systems weren’t exactly cost efficient and they are quite noisy as well. Also, they required the installation of some unattractive radiators in the room.

Modern technology has updated functionality of these systems. Now, a radiant heat source is capable of constantly providing a source of warmth that can be regarded to be economical and healthy for man.

There are three known types of radiant heat systems that are currently in use, they are:

  • Air heated: This makes use of warm air to heat the floors and walls in the room. This is an effective type of radiant heat but not so cost efficient, because air is not entirely a suitable way of containing heat.
  • Hydronic: This makes use of hot water from a furnace or boiler which is circulated via tubes to the area where heat is needed.
  • Electric: This uses electric built in cables to generate radiant heat in a leveled surface.

Radiant heating is a cost effective and convenient method of heating a home. It is known to be more economical than the baseboard heating systems, and in most cases it is more efficient than the forced air type of heating due to the fact that there are no ducts and vents that allows for leaks.

Radiant heating systems are very suitable for floor and wall installation and they are believed to be a very neat way to distribute heat in the room. Since there is no movement of air, like in a forced air heating system, there are zero dust particles moving in and around your home.

In addition to being a costs saving type of heating system, homeowners that use a radiant heating system may even be qualified for a Federal Tax refund when they install one.